• Think and Grow Rich

Think and Grow Rich

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Автор: Napoleon Hill
Чтец: Anthony Rogers
Длительность: 13 hours
Дата выхода:2013
Издательство:Made for Success

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      "Think and Grow Rich" is a powerful, classic self-help book by Napoleon Hill. The book remains one of the most influential works ever published on personal achievement, financial independence and success that goes far beyond monetary gain.

      The work was inspired by Andrew Carnegie, who shared his own personal achievement formula with Napoleon Hill. The book is a veritable how-to formula on achieving "whatever the mind can conceive." Hill conducted extensive research on success and was able to convince more than 500 wealthy men to reveal the sources and secrets behind their wealth.

      Hill points out that great riches do not necessarily lend themselves to being measured in money alone. Riches can be found in lasting friendships, family relationships, peace of mind, and in spiritual values.

      "Think and Grow Rich" presents a philosophy that will prepare listeners to become magnets for higher aspirations and ways of thinking which, in turn prepare the way for even greater riches and success.

      Hill also shares how that, within the book, he has chosen to let the secrets he learned from Carnegie and other reveal themselves to the reader or listener of his chapters rather than to state the secrets right out.

      Mr. Carnegie believed the formula should be part of every school's curriculum, including public schools and colleges.

      Hill points out that the secret was used extensively in World War I by President Woodrow Wilson, who passed it along to each soldier as part of his training. Hill says that even Thomas Edison was in possession of this secret.

      "Think and Grow Rich" remains the all-time best-selling book in its field.

      Napoleon Hill lived from 1883-1970. He was born in Wise County, Virginia. He is known as the "Founder of the Science of Success."

      Even though Hill was born into poverty, he was an achiever. He became an attorney and a journalist, working his way through school.

      He eventually became advisor to U.S. Steel magnate, Andrew Carnegie and conducted studies and interviews of over 500 men who had gone from rags to riches. It took him 20 years to produce his landmark book that has inspired countless individuals to achieve.

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      АвторNapoleon Hill
      ЧтецAnthony Rogers

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