• Drums of Autumn

Drums of Autumn

На складе
Автор: Diana Gabaldon
Чтец: Davina Porter
Длительность: 44.75 hours
Дата выхода:2014
Издательство:Recorded Books, Inc.

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      Set in 18th century Scotland, Gabaldon's thrilling historical saga Outlander has bewitched fans worldwide. In this fourth installment of the Outlander series, we once again share the stories of Jamie and Clare as their romance travels across time into pre-Revolutionary America, where they attempt to build a new life together on the frontier of American soil.

      This is the third time Claire has used the ancient stone to travel to the 18th century. First was when she fell in love and almost lost it in order to save their unborn child. The second, she reunited with her love but had to leave her daughter that would always feel fatherless. Now, Brianna, who is living in the 1960's, just might discover an obituary which will change her mind about her and her parents' history.

      Diana Gabaldon was born in Arizona in 1952. Her novels are a blend of the romantic, historical, mystery, adventure and science fiction genres. Her degrees, including a Ph.D. are all in the biological sciences. She served as a full-time assistant professor at Arizona State in the Center for Environmental Studies, where she performed research and became an expert in scientific computing and databases, while also teaching university courses on anatomy. She has written multiple articles for computer science publications. With the finalization of her first book deal, she resigned as staff at the university. She lives with her husband in Arizona and has three adult children.

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      АвторDiana Gabaldon
      ЧтецDavina Porter

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