• Uncovered Truths : A Midlife Psychic Medium Series Novel

Uncovered Truths : A Midlife Psychic Medium Series Novel

На складе
Длительность: 178 pages
Формат: Zip.ePub
Дата выхода:2024
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      When the dead have unfinished business, they call psychic medium Angela Panther


      I've always said there are two places psychic mediums hate; cemeteries and hospitals. Turns out, I was selling myself short. The list is considerably longer. Funerals now top my ‘do I really have to go’ list.

      Take, for instance, the funeral of my husband's ex-business partner, Chad Dunlap. Attending his service isn't exactly my idea of a fun Saturday, especially when my late mother – who's as lively in death as she was in life – wants in on the fun. She loves these gatherings, says something about the energy at funerals makes the afterlife crowd a little rowdier than usual, and she doesn’t like to miss out.

      But I’d be happy to miss out. Especially on this one. I' not a fan of Dunlap, and that's putting it nicely.

      Chad wasn't exactly Mr. Popular in life, which made the packed funeral home all the more surprising. The man had left the business under a cloud after a fiery argument, but judging by the turnout, you'd think he was the town's beloved mascot. And the place wasn't just packed with the living; it was an ethereal jamboree with spirits floating around, and naturally, they all wanted to bend my ear.

      But one ghost stood out in the crowd. Chad himself. And he dropped quite the bombshell. Death by blood clot? Nope. More like murder, he claimed, and he was insistent that I play detective to uncover the truth.

      h, heck no’ came to mind, but that’s not the way my gift works. Being a psychic medium isn't just about chatting with ghosts; it's about helping them find peace so they can cross over. Sometimes, that means tying up their loose ends here on earth.

      And it doesn't mean I have to like the person.

      But this time, Chad's unfinished business is leading me down a path that could implicate my own husband in his untimely demise.

      So here I am, juggling hot flashes, unruly spirits, and a murder mystery that's getting more tangled by the minute. From almost kicking the bucket myself, to a run-in with something I’d rather not mention, I might be in over my head. But I can't lose with my mother's spirit and my best friend on my side.

      And there's no way we're letting an accusation against my husband gain steam.

      Murder, mystery, my deceased mom, and ghosts – it's just another day for me.

      Get ready for laughs, gasps, and a few 'I told you so's from beyond the grave in their funniest adventure yet!

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