• A Burning Throne (The Fate of Vengeance Book 2)

A Burning Throne (The Fate of Vengeance Book 2)

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Длительность: 502 pages
Формат: Zip.ePub
Дата выхода:2024
    • 300 ₽

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      A Burning Throne will immerse you into a darker, grittier, and sexier slow-burning fantasy sequel that will leave you with one question—what do you burn for?

      Sabine Azterrin bound herself to revenge.

      Armed with her newfound destiny, Sabine prepares to unravel the truth behind the sorcerer’s bond and her vow to the Darkness. Her path toward revenge will not only require a crown, but a target on her back in a foreign kingdom. As she is trapped in the convoluted world of politics and power, Sabine may only realize the identities of those who truly oppose her when it is already too late.

      Keahi Aldeer had sworn himself to a mask.

      Trading a battlefield for a throne, Keahi continues to shroud his magical abilities. His secretiveness poses a threat to the stability of the kingdom and risks the trust of the High Council. Yet, Keahi’s magic thrums deep beneath his skin, longing to be unleashed. The realm trembles with anticipation, fearing the imminent shattering of his control.

      Fate believed in more than one path. . .

      Faced with their enemies' relentless pull, the bonded sorcerers must listen closely to the whispers of their own hearts, resisting the temptation to stray. For the delicate balance of their love, power, and vengeance intertwine in a dance that will ultimately shape their impending future. . .or demise.

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