• Tangled in Fae (Courtly Love Book 1)

Tangled in Fae (Courtly Love Book 1)

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Длительность: 430 pages
Формат: Zip.Epub
Дата выхода:2024
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      Fans of Merry Gentry, Alex Craft, or JD Ward, or will adore this smoldering love story.

      Isolde was raised simply in the mountains, her days spent listening to tales of magic and fairies with a religious fervor that outcasted her. For that was what those tales all were. Just fairy tales. Until the day they weren’t.

      The day magic and fairies returned; Isolde used her knowledge to protect herself. She remained when everyone else fled. Alone, when the Unseelie Fae came for her, no one would know to save her.

      Forced to join a life-or-death competition for a crown she doesn't want, the other competitors bet on an outcome she must protect herself against. All that keeps her alive are her three enticing bodyguards. Each man works diligently to distract her from her grim fate, while she sets to out win each task set before her.

      Thrown together against impossible odds, they fall hard into the sharp blade of love. Yet, they know one fact to be true: the Throne is too powerful for a human to sit upon. There is only one way to win. Can love survive such a dangerous endeavor? Or will all Isolde has found be sacrificed on the altar of hope?

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