• Wrathful Mortals (Age of Vampires Book 4)

Wrathful Mortals (Age of Vampires Book 4)

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Длительность: 374 pages
Формат: Zip.ePub
Дата выхода:2024
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      The gods play havoc with our souls.

      I’m torn in two.
      The mark of the gods has bound me to my mortal enemy, and not even the most desperate yearnings of my heart can break this tie.
      Between the slayer’s vow and the cruel tricks of Idun, my free will has been stolen from me.
      All I can hope for now, is that my sister and I can find a path to salvation, but it feels as though we’re walking a path to our ruin instead.

      I made my choice, and there’s no turning back.
      The world has finally offered me the liberty I craved, so why does my heart keep begging me to return to the monster I left behind?
      I sense a danger brewing on the horizon, something coming this way that we can’t escape. And even as my thoughts settle on a faraway land where we can leave our hellish past behind for good, I fear it won’t be that easy.
      The games of the gods have only just begun.

      ***This is a dark, fantasy romance series by the authors of Zodiac Academy with all the enemies to lovers vibes – don’t go expecting a sweet vampire with sparkling skin and a tendency to watch you sleeping. These vampires are savage and bloodthirsty, and the slayer who hunts them will stab first and ask questions later. This war-torn fantasy world is a brutal bi*ch and only those 18+ have a chance at surviving the darkness lurking between these pages. There’s no well-meaning vampires snacking on Bambies instead of babies, and if they get their teeth into you, you’ll be damn lucky to escape with your life and panties intact. So grab hold of your slayer blade (wooden stakes have too many splinters) and get ready to defy the gods, because this is going to be one helluva ride***

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