• Serpents of Sky and Flame (Merciless Dragons Book 1)

Serpents of Sky and Flame (Merciless Dragons Book 1)

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Длительность: 267
Формат: Zip,ePub
Дата выхода:2024
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      Dragon captures maiden. Maiden makes dragon's life absolute hell...

      At the end of a terrible war, a sorcerer casts a curse that destroys every female in the entire race of dragons. In retaliation, Kyreagan, the dragon prince, leads a raid on the sorcerer's kingdom, during which the male dragons snatch human women and carry them off to the dragons' domain.

      When Princess Serylla is captured by the Prince of Dragons and taken to his cave, she is furious, terrified, and determined to make his existence so miserable he'll either have to kill her or let her go.

      Kyreagan's frustration with his pretty captive is compounded by the fact that his plan--to turn all the human women into female dragons--isn't working. The enchantress he kidnapped isn't powerful enough to work that spell; the most she can do is give the male dragons the ability to shift into human form for a number of hours each day.

      As Serylla and the other captured women scheme for their freedom, the dragons struggle to cope with the strangeness of having human bodies for the first time. Neither side realizes that a much greater enemy is watching, waiting to destroy them all.

      This spicy, adult fantasy romance is perfect for fans of Rebecca Yarros, Carissa Broadbent, LJ Andrews, and Katee Robert. Contains intense themes. Reading guidance can be found at the beginning of the book or on the author's website.

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      АвторRebecca F. Kenney

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