• Queen of Blood and Stardust

Queen of Blood and Stardust

На складе
Длительность: 429 pages
Формат: Zip.Epub
Дата выхода:2024
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      Lennox Adair was never supposed to be queen.

      When a violent vampire attack claims the lives of her parents and brother, Lennox finds herself the High Queen of Lethenia with a kingdom to rule, people to protect, and a mountain of grief to conceal underneath her responsibilities.

      For two years Lennox has avoided the Blood Court—home to the vampires who murdered her family.

      Until now.

      Luka Rossi wants one thing, the title of Blood King. A title his grandfather is adamant he must earn by completing one last task: get High Queen Lennox Adair to work with him.

      There’s only one problem, Lennox hates him.

      But Lennox quickly discovers letting the vampire prince into her home is the least of her worries when an ancient vampire group, the Vanir, resurfaces—threatening to destroy everything Lennox has worked so hard to protect.

      As Lennox agrees to put aside her grievances and work with Luka, she begins to realize that he might be the farthest thing from her enemy.

      Bonds will be forged.

      Lines will be blurred.

      Alliances will be tested.

      Fates will be shattered.

      Can Lennox and Luka take down the Vanir together and secure their crowns? Or will the vampires destroy the life Lennox has worked so hard to stitch back together? Demolishing her home and heart in the process?

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