• One Saccharine Dream (Of Gods and Monsters Book 2)

One Saccharine Dream (Of Gods and Monsters Book 2)

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Длительность: 391 pages
Формат: Zip.ePub
Дата выхода:2024
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      “I am the Father of Darkness, the Void Between the Stars, Creator of your Gods, and the Eater of Souls. I am Chaos, the Deathless God, and I will find you.”

      Still reeling from his trauma in the Asylum, Brooks is hell-bent on saving the Siren who holds his heart. Fighting the Deathless God lurking under his skin is only part of the battle, though. When Brooks discovers the great cycle of chaos has been broken, he’s left near powerless and out of control.

      After a deadly battle in Club Hel with the Lord of Nightmares, Xia realizes he’s no longer the most dangerous monster in the room. She must find a way to balance who she was with who she is becoming, but the path to righteousness is most often paid in blood and her Siren is ravenous for a taste.

      Defiance was not obedience, and good girls were obedient.

      Raised to be the perfect bride, Persephone lived a life of seclusion and proprietary under the watchful eye of her mother. After a string of handsome strangers claim more interest in her soul than her beauty, the Goddess of Spring finds the cost of disobedience is more than she can afford to pay.

      When a scrappy thief with more secrets than truths proves to be the missing link between salvation and damnation, will they wake from a nightmare only to be caught in a saccharine dream?

      ***This is a dark romantic fantasy intended for mature audiences. If you like the ruthless side of the Greek Gods, this series is for you. Please check the author's website for CW's and proceed with caution. You've been warned, Darling. Welcome to the Freakshow.

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