• How to Survive (Almost) Anything

How to Survive (Almost) Anything

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Длительность: 253 pages
Формат: Zip.ePub
Дата выхода:2024
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      Prepare for Whatever Comes Your Way With This Essential Survival Bible

      “This book is your essential kit for every aspect of what life can throw at you…Brilliant.” ─Amazon review

      Learn How to Thrive Against All Odds with the Modern Survival Bible from Ex-UK Special Forces specialist Ollie Ollerton

      Be the master of your survival. In How to Survive (Almost) Anything, former Special Forces soldier and bestselling author Ollie Ollerton passes on all the special skills, knowledge, and mindset he’s learned over the course of a life that has experienced some of the world's toughest conditions and most hostile situations.

      A lifeline in uncertain times. This modern-day survival bible empowers you to thrive, not just survive. Whether you're faced with the wild elements of nature, societal collapse, extreme weather, or urban warfare, this guide equips you with essential skills. Don't leave your survival to chance! Arm yourself with the knowledge and tools to face anything and become the master of your destiny.

      Inside you'll discover:

      • Survival Techniques: Learn from an ex-UK Special Forces soldier how to fend off wildlife, survive natural disasters, and navigate man-made challenges
      • Mental Resilience: Equip yourself with the mindset to thrive, not just survive, in the face of emergencies and against all odds
      • Practical Guidance: Ideal for survivalists, prepping enthusiasts, or as a thoughtful dad gift or gift for a teen boy, this guide offers hands-on advice to face any crisis with confidence.

      If you have read books such as The Lost Art of Reading Nature’s SignsExtreme SurvivalSurviving the Wild, or The Ultimate Prepper's Survival
      , you’ll love Ollie Ollerton’s How to Survive (Almost) Anything.

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