• Delivered to My Wolves (Mail-Order Matings Book 10)

Delivered to My Wolves (Mail-Order Matings Book 10)

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Длительность: 113 pages
Формат: Zip.ePub
Дата выхода:2024
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      I created the Mail-Order Mating app to help shifters find each other like my parents had. Right after joining it, I found mine. But he rejected me on our first date. One look, and he claimed I wasn’t the luna of a pack. Never would be. He proclaimed his rejection right there in a restaurant and then tossed his napkin in my face.

      The joy in my life is from helping others find their mates. But I’ve given up on finding mine.

      That is, until my best friend and assistant reactivates my profile without telling me and immediately there’s a match. Not one mate but two.

      Collyn and Fitz

      We once had a mate. We mated her knowing she had a rare shifter disease, and only six months later, she was gone. We cherished those few moments we had with her but we have never moved on. Our families desperately want us to. Our parents want grandchildren, and the loneliness is so thick that sometimes, it’s difficult to breathe.

      We find the Mail-Order Matings app and give it a chance. But how in the hell can we find a mate when we’ve never stopped loving the one who left us?

      Delivered to My Wolves is Book 10 in the super sweet with building heat Mail-Order Matings Series. Delivered to My Wolves features a woman responsible for so many matches but unable to find her own, wolf shifters trying to move on from heartbreak, recovery from rejection, and hope for a new life. And of course, Mazzy promises a happy ever after. If you like true mates, Fate taking a hand, and sexy wolf shifters, one-click Delivered to My Wolves today.

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