• Cursed Shadows 1 (The Dark Fae)

Cursed Shadows 1 (The Dark Fae)

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Длительность: 214 pages
Формат: Zip.ePub
Дата выхода:2024
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      "I will destroy you. I’ll see you on your knees, and you will weep at my feet. You will beg. And when all that is done, you will meet my dagger. This is a fae's promise."

      Welcome to the brutal world of the light and the dark fae—and their ruthless love.

      Nari is a foolish little halfling.
      She went and gave her heart to a dark fae.
      And then she broke his...

      Breaking a dark fae's heart is a death wish, but Nari did just that all those years ago.
      Now, in the Midlands where the light and dark fae come together to train, Nari and Daxeel meet again—and he is not the young male she fell in love with.

      Daxeel has made it clear he has no intention of forgiving her betrayals.
      He is out for revenge.
      He means to break her.

      Lust still burns between them, and Nari hopes her art of seduction is enough to save her. She has one goal—to win him back.
      Nari needs Daxeel to save herself from a violent marriage to a cruel light male, and to heal her own yearning heart.
      Daxeel shows no mercy.

      In the fight between a dark male and light halfling, will they survive the battle between them?

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