• Blessed by the Fae (Fae-blessed Book 1)

Blessed by the Fae (Fae-blessed Book 1)

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Длительность: 423 pages
Формат: Zip.ePub
Дата выхода:2024
    • 150 ₽

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      A dying land, faeries, and magic ... What could go wrong?

      Promised to an old king, nineteen-year-old Shayna De Marco desperately wants to run away with her combat trainer. But her father, the king, would never approve. When a faerie shows up, claiming she's fae-blessed and that she's destined to save the realm of the fae, she has one thought in mind: this could be her way out.

      A world of magic and its fae High Queen are dying, so they seek Shayna's help to destroy the blight upon the land, which has stolen much of the magic from the realm. But Shayna struggles to master her newfound abilities as the growing threat nears.

      Enemies arise without and within, leaving the princess unsure who she can trust. When betrayal strikes, she must fight for her life ... or lose it. Can she escape victorious, or will she lose everything she loves?

      Perfect for fans of Sarah J. Maas, Stacia Stark, and Christopher Paolini, 
      Blessed by the Fae is the first book in a thrilling, new YA fantasy romance series. It was originally released on Kindle Vella but is now in book format. It features the polished versions of episodes 1-84 plus a bonus epilogue. This is a sweet romance with a love triangle subplot, including a morally gray elf MMC and a cinnamon roll human. Read on if you love forced proximity, forbidden love, and villains.

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