• The Blood We Crave: Hollow Boys, Book 3 Аудиокнига

The Blood We Crave: Hollow Boys, Book 3 Аудиокнига

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Длительность: 11 hours and 5 minutes
Формат: Zip,M4b
Дата выхода:2024

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      My secrets are infested with infatuation. His cravings are dripping in blood. Is it love? Or is it something much darker . . . An obsession. Death found me as a young girl. Latching onto the core of my soul. No one knows what that horrid night did to me. What kind of monster it flourished inside me. I'd become a ghost, hiding from the world so that people would never find out about the morbid desire I harbor. Until he noticed me. Thatcher Alexander Pierson: Cunning. Sharp. Beautiful. A man bred from the seed of a serial killer. Stitched together with old money and Dolce & Gabbana clothing. He is my strongest fixation. My sweetest, darkest addiction. And I'm his phantom. I have haunted him my entire life and now? He sees me for exactly what I am. A killer. I sicken him. But he has always mesmerized me.

      When a copycat murderer prowls among the trees of Ponderosa Springs, our loyalty is tested. It had been foolish of us to believe our revenge would go unpunished. That the town wouldn't retaliate after what we did. With our lives hanging in the balance, Thatcher and I have no choice but to coexist. In the twilight of musty cabins and haunted library towers, my somber secrets are exposed, and his cravings are revealed. So the question is . . . What is love without obsession?

      Contains mature themes.

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