• Beyond Getting By: The Financial Diet's Guide to Abundant and Intentional Living Аудиокнига

Beyond Getting By: The Financial Diet's Guide to Abundant and Intentional Living Аудиокнига

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      A beautiful, full-color guide to living with money, not for money, packed with fun, tangible advice from the women behind The Financial Diet.

      Beyond Getting By will make you feel better, not worse, about your money and your life.”—Tiffany “the Budgetnista” Aliche, New York Times bestselling author of Get Good with Money

      The girlboss came in many forms, and she struggled valiantly against our increasing exhaustion at her brand of pinkwashed-capitalism-as-liberation—but it’s time to put her to rest. Yes, money is essential to life, and managing it well can be the difference between freedom and constraint. But once you have enough, the focus should be on converting it into things that are meaningful to you: more time with the people you love, more creativity, more days to just vibe on the couch.

      In Beyond Getting By, the women behind The Financial Diet teach you how to create (and pay for) a life you truly enjoy—and that you can be proud of. They show you how to push beyond what society tells you will make you happy to determine what you actually want, with specific advice and interactive exercises on

      how to define your own budget philosophy by no longer chasing fast fashion and instant gratification, instead allowing the unlikely duo of Sigmund Freud and Elizabeth Warren to guide your budgeting

      how the idea that we have equal opportunity is bullshit—and how to start a self-advocacy journal in order to kill it in that next raise negotiation

      how to stave off burnout by valuing your personal life with as much care as your career, in addition to figuring out the true worth of your time

      Beyond Getting By is for the woman interested in a life where money is simply a tool and never a reflection of her worth. It’s for the woman who understands the limits of gamifying personal finance, and that following trends isn’t the same as creating a sustainable, wealth-generating plan for the future.

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