• Odette's Swan Song

Odette's Swan Song

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Автор: Mickey Gatz
Чтец: Katrina Medina
Длительность: 1 hr 24 min
Дата выхода:2021
Издательство:Mickey Gatz

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      The Only Tragedy in this Swan Princess is Having No Social Life.

      You've Heard of Swan Lake?

      Well, this Dance takes place in a University Far, Far Away.

      As all the Fairy Tale Kings and Queens are having their Happily Ever Afters, Odette's stuck dancing solo when she wants to be in a romantic duet. But, when her latest catch happens to be a Taxidermist who'd rather stuff a bunny rabbit rather than pet it, how will Odette keep her half life as a Swan hidden from him?

      Is this a Match Made in Heaven or Happily Never After?

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      АвторMickey Gatz
      ЧтецKatrina Medina

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