• Jack and the Green Man

Jack and the Green Man

На складе
Автор: Andy Jones
Чтецы: Andy JonesMary-Lynn Bernard
Длительность: 1 hr 16 min
Дата выхода:2021
Издательство:ECW Press

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      Jack o’ Hearts is the top card player in the parish, and is feeling pretty sure of himself. When a he is challenged to a card game with stakes higher than high by a mysterious green man, well, Jack can’t resist. Sure, he’s never lost a tournament yet, has he?

      Jack is as saucy as saucy can be, and he’s twice as lucky as that—but the game is trickier than it looks. Luckily, Jack finds he’s got an ace up his sleeve: the menacing green man’s beautiful daughter Ann. She’s got as much magic as her father (or so that enchantment crowd says), and she likes the look of Jack. A hilarious re-imagining of a traditional Newfoundland folktale, Jack and the Green Man is jam-packed with magic, romance, transformations, impossible tasks, unforgettable characters, a love ballad or two, and the ever-present threat of Jack’s head ending up on a spear.

      This audio book includes a special treat—be sure to listen in to the end!

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      АвторAndy Jones
      ЧтецMary-Lynn Bernard

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