• Fairyfoot and Mayblossom

Fairyfoot and Mayblossom

На складе
Автор: Frances Browne
Чтец: AnnaLisa Bodtker
Длительность: 28 min
Дата выхода:2022

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      All the inhabitants of Stumpinghame have large feet, including the King and Queen. What will they do when their seventh son is born with small feet? Rejected by the King, the son is given away to a shepherd to raise, who renames the child "Fairyfoot". Befriended by Robin Goodfellow, Fairyfoot enters a world where the size of your feet doesn't matter. Understanding what it is like to be an outcast, Fairyfoot helps Mayblossom with her problem: her feet are too big!

      Fairyfoot and Mayblossom is adapted from The Story of Fairyfoot by Frances Browne. It is a version more suited to younger listeners while still keeping all the fantasy, magic, and wonder of the original story.

      Knowing how important language development is to success in school, educator AnnaLisa Bodtker created alenbeebooks. Audiobooks enhance listening skills, increase vocabulary, and allow children to enjoy books above their reading levels. Alenbeebooks selects well written stories and poems, that are narrated in an engaging manner, to promote good language skills.

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      AnnaLisa Bodtker is the narrator of the popular audiobooks Christmas in the Forest, Mermaid Tales and Seaside Poems, and The Adventures of Nutcracker and Sugardolly.

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      АвторFrances Browne
      ЧтецAnnaLisa Bodtker

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